What is Bee VR?

Bee VR is about bringing people together for unforgettable times and exciting new experiences. 

Our VR tournaments are sure to bring a buzz to your event!


If you don’t already hold bees close to your heart, we hope you will after learning more about them!

These underrated furry friends are quite possibly the most important insects, pollinating the majority of vegetables, fruits and crops eaten by humans, not to mention the delicious honey.

Sadly, they’re in a harsh decline across the world, including here in the U.K., with extinction being a very real problem they may face.Hold back the tears, there is time yet. Together we can do our best to improve their situation through very simple and effective means, click here to go on a short but life-changing journey.


You simply can’t spell Community without Unity!

People can achieve wonderful things when they work together, just like bees in their colonies. That’s exactly why we are working on bringing everybody together in the name of fun!

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our family.


Backing up our big ambitions to connect communities we have decided to offer all of our public and open events comletely free!

We don’t believe that making friends and saving the world should always cost money so we’ve come up with a neat business model allowing us to provide the majority of our services cost free, (talk about value for honey).

Don’t believe it? Come check us out at our next event!

Bee VR Values

Bee VR is about its values – something we stand for, something we reflect in the way things work in Bee VR.


Our passion lies strongly in connecting communities towards building a better world for us all.


What is a better way to save bees than having a great time with friends using virtual reality?


Whether it’s a festival with over 100,000 attending or a party for 5, we do our best to suit each venue personally.


Our entire business model fits around connecting people, meeting new faces and making great friends along the way.

Speaking from experience