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What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Imagine defending your own castle with a bow and an arrow, using a lightsaber or even touching the sun… With virtual reality, this is no longer a thing of imagination. Our easy-to-use HTC Vive headset will teleport you to a completely immersive land of wonder!
You are able to touch, see and hear a completely new realm when entering the world of virtual reality, so let your wildest dreams run free with Bee VR.

What is Bee VR experience about?

It’s everything from defending your own castle to zombie shooting and to hitting beats with a lightsaber, even exploring our solar system! We have a vast range of experiences sure to find the one that perfectly suits your needs.
We also offer a unique ‘VR Competition’ for those tempting to become the ultimate VR Champions, with 3 awesome prizes up for grabs every time!

What type of events does Bee VR provide?

One of our mottos speaks for itself: “No party too small, no festival too big!” Bee VR is here to show you some great time.
We cover both public and private events. This can include festivals, exhibitions, birthday parties, schools… The list can go on!
Each event is special to us and our users. If you aren’t sure we’re right for you, get in touch and we’ll be sure to accommodate your needs.

When is Bee VR’s service free and why?

As part of the mission to connect humans, we decided to provide our service for completely free for open public events. This could mean a local gaming event at a bar in town or a large carnival with thousands attending. We don’t charge the organisers or the people experiencing our service a penny.
We do offer a private service for events such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, and more. Our service will always vary in experience as we suit it to each event personally, however, our standard remains at the highest level possible.

What equipment does Bee VR use?

As an innovative and techy company, we do our best to provide top quality technology to our users. We are currently using HTC Vive headsets with a high powered laptop for a smooth and breathtaking experience.

Is there any age restriction?

Due to our health and safety preferences, we make sure that everybody is aged 7 or above before using our virtual reality equipment.

Parents/guardians of children ages 7-12 must be accompanied by parents/guardians throughout the whole session.

Parents/guardians of children aged 12-16 are required to carefully read and sign a consent form on the child’s behalf before their children can experience virtual reality.

Can I see Bee VR in action?

Of course! We love to show off our awesome events. Keep up to date with our Facebook Page and look out for our events section. Even better if you get in touch with our team – we will be able to tell you directly what we have planned and where.

Can I take pictures/videos at events?

We share great times over our social media and we’re happy for you to join in. In fact, we actually encourage you to take cool pictures and show off to your friends about the great time you’re having.
Don’t forget to tag us in any pictures you post online!

How do I get in touch?

We don’t bite (or sting)! You can easily get in contact with us by clicking here and following the simple instructions. If you’re too busy to speak now but interested, we can get in touch with you. Do this by requesting a call or email at a time of your convenience.

Still have a question? We’d love to answer it, click here to speak to a member of our team.